Women Empowerment

Individual One-on-One Coaching for Women CPA Professionals helps you to develop the natural leader in you – Leadership cannot be taught nor trained – everyone has their own innate leadership style and your coach will help you to gain the confidence you need to assert yourself appropriately – at work and in your personal life – you will learn how to ask Power Questions, find your voice and speak your truth in a way that gets others aligned toward a well-formed outcome.

Lisa Tierney, Certified Life Strategies Coach  has authored a book for professional women which yields immediate results for its readers, entitled “Women Empowerment at Work” Create your own Success.

Women Empowerment at Work:  Create Your Own Success is written by a certified executive life coach who worked in male-dominated corporate environments for many years.  Lisa Tierney, CLSC has coached many professional women and realized the universal nature of the challenges being faced.  Since removing herself from the corporate environment, she has received a high-level education in life coach training – as well as life experience – that enables this author to eloquently and succinctly teach readers how to avoid the most common pitfalls around creating their own success at work. Readers have applied lessons learned the very next day with stellar, career-changing results.

What can you gain from reading this book? 

  • Command the respect of your superiors and colleagues from a natural, consistent place of genuine integrity
  • Practice a method of assertion that attracts your ideal situation without alienating or intimidating others; in fact, you will engage those around you
  • Craft power statements and ask power questions that motivate others and create an immediate impetus for change

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About the Author

Lisa Tierney is a certified life coach and marketing strategist who is committed to empowering female professionals who work in Corporate America (and beyond). She offers a winning combination of traditional consulting with professional coaching. Her work addresses all the nuances of SUCCESS (mind + body + spirit). The professionals she works with enjoy increased self-confidence and higher self-esteem, adopt a more relaxed, yet authoritative demeanor, start asking more questions, treat their clients with a more consultative approach – and benefit from a natural growth in their practice or service area. The professionals who choose to work with Lisa say that coaching has improved their overall work experience. And nothing could make her happier!

I followed Lisa Tierney’s process for identifying what you want that is covered in the first chapter of her book “Empowerment at Work:  A Guide for the Professional Woman.” I chose more revenue as my primary want.  Two days later, I find out that a colleague of mine referred me for a large, lucrative project!  Maybe that was coincidence, but maybe it was because I declared what I wanted.  Read this book to gain greater empowerment and achieve your goals.

Women Empowerment at Work is a truly useful book that every working woman should read.  As I read the book, I couldn’t help but think, “My sister, niece, friend, needs to read this.”  Life coach, Lisa Tierney, gives readers practical advice and how-to steps that every working women can relate to regardless of the profession or title. Tierney writes in an easy-to-follow style injected with light hearted humor which makes Women Empowerment at Work an enjoyable read as well as useful. You definitely will be employing Tierney’s tips for years to come.  If you care about mentoring women, you should get them to read Women Empowerment at Work: Create Your Own Success.