Our training programs are all specific and tailored to the accounting and legal professions and may be delivered in a variety of ways, including webinars, in-person seminars, or half or full day workshops.

  • Business Development (Sales) Training – we understand that your associates have committed most of their time and energy learning to become technically proficient and acquiring the necessary accreditations to be valuable to your firm.  Most have neglected to build their networks along the way or educate themselves on how to effectively sell professional services.  Our training starts at the beginning and can also assist rainmakers to improve their close ratio and leverage existing relationships.
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  • Relationship Selling / Management Training for Managers and Partners – we illuminate our professionals’ perspectives by sharing knowledge about human nature, peoples’ attitudes, and the correlation between motivation and behavior.  Our life coaches realize that when you’re in the field of professional services, your cutting edge will be understanding people – and what will make them choose you.

We prefer to use the term “development” when it comes to leaders because this is something we unleash among your professionals, providing careful guidance while they blaze their own trail of an individual, unique and innovative approach toward leading others.

We offer a proprietary 8-month leadership development program, Advance Toward LEADERSHIP designed for mid-level managers who have been identified as being ready, willing and able to take their careers to the next level.  Delivered in-person and/or via webinar, this interactive, fully participatory program assists second tier managerial staff to effectively support the shareholders at the firm and contribute to the longevity and success of their practice in a meaningful way.

  • Marketing Training for All Levels of Staff –our training can start with the absolute basics, including networking 101 and/or business etiquette / attire through the creation of compelling marketing campaigns – including crafting a value proposition and writing meaningful, compelling communications, incorporating calls to action, to showcasing your professionals’ expertise.
  • Social Media Training – in today’s environment of ever-changing technology and constant upgrades, it’s nearly impossible to stay ahead of the game.  Our consultants are dedicated to remain informed of the pertinent forums to help accountants compete effectively in today’s marketplace, savings you lots of time and money.
  • Training/Mentoring of Accounting Marketing Professionals – we have made a huge impact at professional services firms by mentoring key professionals at their firm, sharing with them the most important, effective initiatives, based on our years of experience, in order to put their firm on the fast-track toward creating a marketing culture.  The professional we mentor make a real difference at the firm and implement strategic initiatives in a fraction of the time as their counterparts.

Hiring one of our experts for just a few hours each month can give you access to top-notch level expertise, making a significant impact while keeping costs down.