We encourage you to read some of the positive feedback we have collected from our satisfied clients – but we have to warn you,  it could take awhile

I know that the coaching program is a major contributing factor to advancing my career.  Thanks to you and my Coach for helping me develop my practice focus and leadership role within my firm.  This is very exciting news! – Senior Manager, hearing about her promotion

TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting was hired to assist us in launching an SEC practice at our firm.  We started with no publicly-held clients and a new partner (with a non-compete and no book of business).  In just 6 months’ time, his earnings were equal to that of our rainmaking Managing Partner! – Marketing Manager, multi-partner firm

You have done such a great job working with Joanne that we have seen the fruits of your mentoring sessions throughout the organization!  We believe that a lot of the things that are being developed internally can be enhanced with your knowledge and guidance in your ongoing one-on-one sessions with Joanne.  – Human Resources Manager, 15-partner firm

We used a competitor for year;  we were even mentioned  in their book. You are much better – and that’s an understatement. Thanks for all of your help. – Managing Partner – 14-partner firm

TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting is better than its competition.  You know why?  Because in one year you have done more with our professionals than years of working with another marketing consulting firm. – Managing Partner, 8-partner CPA firm

We have used a bunch of expensive marketing consultants in the past.  You are much better – and that’s an understatement!  People are engaged, we have been trying to do this for a long time.”  Managing Partner, 15-partner firm

The one-on-one coaching sessions with our professionals and the certified coaches at TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting continue to be effective in instilling a marketing culture and an overall improvement in the area that we would call professional development.  Our professionals said they have been encouraged to think outside the box when accomplishing tasks and have received help with negotiation skills.  The coaches have been credited with helping our professionals turn their meetings into more productive discussions. – Marketing Manager, 14-partner firm

I just got off the phone with one of the manufacturers that was included in my marketing plan. He gave me tons of information plus asked me to submit my idea to him the first week of January – that’s when they prepare their new line presentations to clients.  My marketing plan coach gave me the push to make the darn call!!  Who knows where this will lead?! – Tax Partner, regional firm

I have found my TIERNEY Coach to be insightful, collaborative, and results-oriented in a light-hearted, and fun but “no-excuses” kind of way. She is a quick study, able to identify obstacles and break them down to workable tasks, tailored to fit the strengths of the professional she is guiding.  My coach  has a unique skill-set that enables her to exercise her thoughtful understanding of human behavior while practicing protocols that are refined, targeted, efficient and well-suited to the time-constrained service provider.  I’ve worked with my TIERNEY Coach in an individualized coaching environment and in a service team setting and highly recommend the investment in either context. – Partner, large regional firm

Working with my TIERNEY coach gave me the boost in confidence I needed. It was a great sense of empowerment to be asked what I wanted to do for a change and then make a plan around it. – Partner, multi-partner firm

TIERNEY made me a believer in the power of professional coaching! Working with Tierney coaches gave us access to the additional strategies, expertise and accountability we needed to take our marketing and business development efforts to the next level. To succeed you need to evolve and they were the fresh look we needed! – Marketing Manager, multi-partner firm

Since working with my coach, I have picked up on a new style of more open communication.  I’m asking more open-ended questions and not assuming so much as I did before.  I am realizing how the other side sees things – my clients clearly see things differently than I do.  I have stopped talking so much about me and have started to get them to open up more.  It’s amazing how many more opportunities I have been able to identify with this new approach. – Partner, multi-partner firm

I have developed a stronger sense of accountability since coming up with my marketing plan. What I find the most encouraging understanding the value of service and how that translates to clients and prospects. – Partner, regional firm

You’ve helped me tremendously over the past 6 months. – Managing Partner, multi-partner firm

This is a huge step-up for me!  Usually I have to be hunted, pleaded with and begged to work with the media stuff but last week I was totally on top of it.  I also seem to no longer have the problem of sending those updates to my clients…I’ve gone from being reactive to proactive – just like my coach said I should! Thank you! – Forensic Accountant, multi-partner firm

I am very impressed with my marketing plan – well done! – Managing Partner, multi-partner firm

The energy and motivation of my marketing planning process were inspirational to me and my coach’s efforts as both a marketing professional and a personal coach were excellent.  Next month I will be speaking at two seminars, followed up by participation in a panel as part of my marketing plan.  I have also been chosen to win a professional award which will be announced next month! – Partner, multi-partner firm

You have been such a help!   As a quick update, we are little more than two months into our new fiscal year and our billings now exceed all of last fiscal year!  We landed some major work for three companies.  These have kept our dept busy for a while!  There are promises that there are three to five more such projects to come early next year.  If so, we will easily double if not triple last year! Merry Christmas! – Partner, multi-partner firm

Thanks for your generous time and cool suggestion of using LinkedIn in a new way (for me!) to promote myself and target new business.  I love it.  It’s focused, direct and to the point, and easy to execute at both ends.  Many thanks. – Marketing Consultant to the legal profession

The advice received on a new structure around our networking events was WONDERFUL!!! Last night’s event was night and day from what we used to do.  The proposed agenda provided an evening that was interesting, smooth…and at times very funny.  Everyone began talking in groups and one on one immediately! I’ve never seen it go so well. They all knew who they wanted to talk to and I know many of them set up meetings. – Marketing Manager, multi-partner firm

I had a call with a referral source today that we put in my marketing plan.  As the conversation developed, I was able to demonstrate some knowledge on one area we were talking about and open the conversation up further. The conversation moved into allowing me to “sell” myself and explain how my experience and credentials are superior to anyone in the market. It went very well and there will be work for me as a result!  That makes four new referral sources that I have now begun good relationships with.  Sweet! – Forensic Accountant, multi-partner firm

I started with no industry-focused clients and a strong non-compete agreement from my former employer;  in just 6 months’ time, I have raised my earnings which are now equal to that of our most successful shareholder. – Tax Partner, multi-partner firm

Thanks for venturing into those tough questions.  I really appreciate the focus on always having a “well-formed outcome” – we all need to be very mindful of this so that we don’t fall into the trap of ‘doing just to do’. – Partner, multi-partner firm

My coach is doing such a great job with me that people have mentioned to me that they can see the results of the sessions!  I believe that a lot of the things that are being developed internally can be enhanced as a result of these sessions;  I will be continuing with the coaching sessions definitely! – solo professional services provider

I had lunch with a client last week and engaged in meaningful conversation , asking lots of “Why?” questions like my coached suggested.  I had a suggestion for an issue he was dealing with;  one thing led to another and he took my advice.  He said, “I can’t believe that just because you and I went to lunch and you really listed to me about what was going on for us and then you got creative, we got a 6-figure government grant!”  This serves as a great example of the power of focusing on relationships and how we can use that to bring value. – Partner, multi-partner firm

I have to admit I am finally engaged.  I have been trying to do this for a long time. – Senior Manager, multi-partner law firm

My marketing plan is really terrific!  Seeing it on paper really makes it all look so focused and within reach.  I greatly appreciate all the time and talent you have given me and I will do my best in return.  The bio really brings me to life. – Partner, multi-partner firm

You helped me tremendously, and I do believe that you had a very positive impact on the direction of my career. – Partner, multi-partner firm

TIERNEY’s marketing savvy, determination and general awareness of the not-so-obvious was instrumental to the successful growth of our firm’s niche areas – especially our forensic accounting and litigation services group.  Her creative, out-of-the-box thinking kept us in the forefront of the marketplace despite a lagging economy.   Her knowledge, demeanor and genuine enthusiasm would offer any firm tremendous value. Managing Partner, national firm

I hold Lisa Tierney in the highest professional regard.  She possesses a great deal of marketing expertise. She is now consulting successfully with accounting firms because she has walked the walk as one of the best marketing directors in the country.”  Former Editor-in-Chief, Practical Accountant (Howard Wolosky)

As a Director of Marketing and Business Development for a large regional firm in Canada for the past nine years,  I have been very fortunate to be able to call on the experience, knowledge and skills of Lisa Tierney to provide me advice and guidance, and occasionally a butt-kick.  Her leadership, energy and common sense approach has often been the spark that got us going in the right direction and best of all, got us the right results.  You can trust her advice and her honesty.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to any professional services firm that wants to take their marketing to the next level.”  Business Development Officer, national firm

I have been a member of BKR International and AAM (Association for Accounting Marketing) through my company, J & Y, and I can attest to TIERNEY’s extraordinary commitment to both organizations in so many ways.  Lisa Tierney gives of her time and talent freely and has such a tremendous grasp on the challenges of accounting firm marketing. She is a delight and has clearly moved her company far forward in these turbulent times. – Tax Partner  & Marketing Director, CPA firm

I worked very closely with Lisa in marketing forensic accounting and litigation support services when I was employed at a regional firm.  Lisa Tierney is the consummate professional. Enthusiastic, engaging and exceptional. She takes the time to understand the nuances of a professional services practice and considers a wide variety of issues in developing a strategic marketing plan. – Forensic Accountant, National firm

Lisa Tierney is able to effortlessly mix common sense and uncommon enthusiasm as a marketer. Lisa has a great sense of what works in marketing and provides a good sounding board for new ideas.  She’s open to collaboration and is the type of person who will go the extra mile to make a positive difference.  –Chief Marketing Officer, regional firm

There are several aspects to marketing, one is marketing strategy, another is high quality marketing materials, but in the end, for professional services, the client is buying a person.   Coaching can help in all of these areas, but for some people, coaching can help them sell themselves – which is ultimately what the client is buying. – Consultant to the Accounting profession

Lisa’s energy, enthusiasm, and interest in helping others achieve their objectives make her someone that people seek out. She provides honest/candid feedback, follows through on her commitments, and is passionate about learning new ideas, concepts, and ways of doing things. – Consultant for professional services firms

I knew Lisa Tierney from her strong and positive reputation for delivering results for her clients before having the chance to meet and work with her in our mastermind group.   Lisa has a rare and valuable skill in that she goes straight to the heart of the matter when working with her clients. Her seemingly tireless passion to assist her clients in getting to where they wanted to be gives her a significant competitive advantage and is also reflected in the benefits her clients see from working with her. – Consultant to professional services firms

Lisa Tierney is a highly knowledgeable marketing professional. Her expertise in professional services marketing is vast and proven.   She is a pleasure to work with. – Consultant to professional services firms

Lisa Tierney is such a dynamic, energetic, fun and confident presenter. Her insights were spot on. The little details that she was able to pick up were really amazing. Her tips and advice and brainstorming ideas are going to prove to be very valuable to my career and to this firm. – Audit Manager of a regional professional services firm

Lisa is a master of adaptability – she has an over-abundance of ideas on how to convert a technical presentation into an article, a video, an ad, a lunch-and-learn, an educational brochure, a checklist, a talk show, and so on. She gets the business side of a professional services firm, and the presentation skills training program she provided channeled that business acumen. – Senior audit manager of a regional professional services firm

Your training program was invaluable and assisted me refining my presentation slides, relaxing through breathing techniques, learning how to engage the audience through asking questions and telling stories. – Partner at a regional multi-partner professional services firm

Lisa Tierney is an outstanding speaker and facilitator with extensive experience and knowledge in marketing and coaching for professional service firms. She is able to use her skills in the most creative ways and manages to get her audience motivated and participate in discussions and role playing. The results are amazing…even among the most senior reluctant managers in the group. She is a great coach with an approachable personality that results in extremely successful outcomes. – Conference and Marketing Manager, International Association for CPA Firms (BKR International)