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Let’s Talk About LinkedIn – the BEST THING EVER when it comes to marketing professional services.

Most accounting and law firms in today’s marketplace do not know how to harness the power of this medium, which has taken asset marketing and turned it into permission marketing.  People have gathered on the Internet, grouped by commonalities such as industry, size and scope, to share and discuss their interests, issues and challenges.  This is where your professionals need to be!  The training offered by TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting, Inc. is by far the most unique out there – because it is absolutely tailored to the needs and preferences of accountants and attorneys – we have worked with dozens of professional services providers on LinkedIn and will share the success stories they have had as part of our marketing training.  You’re in good hands.

The training program will focus on the following specific areas which will provide the maximum benefit to the individuals as they tap all that LinkedIn has to offer, which includes:


  • Setting up a Professional Profile that Attracts the Ideal Client – We will stress the importance of not having just another run-of-the mill generic description of an accounting professional or legal adviser.  LinkedIn profiles should engage the reader and intrigue them to learn more (including featuring professional photos).
  • Joining Appropriate Groups (Finding where your target audience resides on LinkedIn) – the real power of LinkedIn is its design to bring together groups of people who share common professional interests.
  • The Importance of Monitoring Discussions – The most common question we are asked after the profile is done is “now what…?”  We will explain how to effectively monitor discussions on a LinkedIn group in a way that offers opportunities to connect with others in ways that might not have come to mind before. The key is here to learn how to craft a thought-provocative, leading question…
  • Cultivating Thought Leadership (To demonstrate your value and provide benefit to your target audience) – this goes hand-in-hand with monitoring appropriate discussions.  We will give our trade secrets away, so that your professionals can become current and “in the know” of their target industries’ current topics & issues.
  • A Powerful Research Tool – One of the most overlooked attributes of LinkedIn is its use as a research tool.  Never meet with anyone again without first looking them up on LinkedIn!  This includes the selection of your next engagement team.


“I had no idea the Internet could be such a wealth of meaningful information!  I feel like I have been given the key to one of the best kept secrets out there!” -a satisfied TIERNEY client


One of our client firms was looking for a group of decision-makers at nonprofits in their geographic area;  when they couldn’t find one, they started a LinkedIn group – which now boasts over 1,000 members who come to ask questions and share knowledge.  This firm continues to manages all the content … now that’s power!