Sales / Bus Dev

What if you could learn, understand and truly INTEGRATE proven methodologies that have been successfully applied to growing professional services firms?

homepage-sucplan.8742920_sMost of the accountants and attorneys we work with are very SURPRISED at how many “touches” it will take before there is a real CONNECTION. In fact, the sales cycle of the most lucrative work is between 6 months and two years (it’s the same for us consultants).  We know that we are not selling accounting services, we are selling our SERVICES and that EQUALS RELATIONSHIPS.  So, when we are training professional service providers about selling tax, audit, and legal advice we are really training them how to understand and then ADOPT  the effective strategies of Rainmakers.

It might not surprise you to hear that the same attributes of successful rainmakers are also shared by leaders. Why?  because, no matter how you slice it, being successful on the planet earth is all about effectively managing relationships – which we can show you how to do.  We will explore the attributes of rainmakers and offer real tools and techniques that can be applied at your firm at all levels, including partners and mid-level staff. Our training programs will be adjusted to meet your particular firm, your time constraints and your budget.  Your professionals will be taught:

Relationship Selling:   Understand & Adopt Strategies of Successful Rainmakers  

A recent study conducted by TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting, Inc. identified the emphasis on business development as the top ranking key performance factor today for accounting and legal service providers.  In order for your firm to flourish, all professionals need to become aware of how they can personally contribute to the growth of the practice.  We will explain proven methodologies that have worked for decades in a way that they can be learned – and adopted – by any and all professionals.  Successful case studies of professional service providers who have successfully undergone radical transformations regarding their business development efforts will be shared.

Participants will learn a Must-Have List of Key Traits / Attributes of Top Sellers of professional services, as well as practical tips on how those attributes can be adopted through practice

  • How to become fluent in sales knowledge (demonstrating service knowledge, understanding clients’ needs, offering solutions)
  • The importance of goal setting, as well as having a plan
  • Options that can be applied (personally… starting today) to make an impact
  • The importance of evaluation, accountability and continuous improvement

Can EVERYONE at your firm be turned into Rainmaker? We will help to you honestly assess IF and HOW your professionals can develop strategies to become more effective at growing the practice – which translates into Relationship Selling

Keep in mind one-on-one business development coaching has proven to be the most effective training – especially at the Partner level.