Our Coaches are available to address your organization’s event or to facilitate your partner retreat. The following topics are some of our most popular.  All are available via webinar, seminar, or interactive workshop.

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Leadership from the Ground Up –

Over 35% of professional service providers surveyed in 2012 cited the identification and development of potential successors for retiring managing partners as their top priority over the next 12 months.  The imbalance of the population between the soon-to-retire Baby Boomer generation and its successor Generation Xers is leaving quite a gap to fill in the workforce.  These statistics, coupled with a trend towards outsourcing, is leaving the accounting industry tasked with the challenge of identifying its next tier of leaders.

A Truly Unique & Empowering Approach toward Customized Personal Marketing Plans –

Learn a proven, unique approach that empowers professional service providers to co-create their own unique, individual marketing plan – instinctively connecting what’s PROFESSIONAL with what’s PERSONAL – which is the key to pulling the emotional trigger of “the buy” of a professional services provider.



Bridging the Gap Between Management & Marketing

This presentation will explore the challenges faced by shareholders as they attempt to successfully collaborate with marketing professionals to plan and implement successful initiatives that a) support a firm-wide strategic plan b) reflect their culture and c) incorporate and showcase the natural genuine talent at the firm. We will examine trends and long-time practices as they are paired with recent innovations in marketing professional services.

Relationship Selling:   Understand & Adopt Strategies of Successful Rainmakers –

What if you could learn, understand and truly INTEGRATE proven methodologies that have been successfully applied to growing professional services firms?  This presentation will explore the attributes of Rainmakers and offer real tools and techniques that can be applied at your professional services firm at all levels, including partners and mid-level staff

The Key Ingredients of an Effective, Results-Driven, Niche-Focused Marketing Plan – 

Marketing plans that focus on a small group of consistent professionals who are dedicated to a specific industry has proven to yield the most results with less effort in recent years. In today’s marketplace, you will find yourself sitting across from a more sophisticated buyer than ever before.  Company presidents and CFOs are able to discern whether or not you are an expert in their industry and have more access to a larger circle of potential service providers.  We have found that in order to win these prospects over, you must be able to establish yourself as an expert – an expert  in providing the types of services they require AND someone who is intimately familiar with their business – the issues and challenges they face.

Tricks of the Trade:  Coaching Accountants to Success – 

Staying focused on marketing efforts when you have a professional services practice to run seems impossible at times!  But without focus, you may be resolved to irregular and inconsistent efforts which are a waste of time, money and discouraging to all involved.  We will, address, head-on, what’s been long-missing from professional services marketing:  Accountability. Learn successful tools & techniques that coaches use to keep accountants and lawyers focused and on track so they can achieve their goals.


 Lisa Tierney is an outstanding speaker and facilitator with extensive experience and knowledge in marketing and coaching for professional service firms. She is able to use her skills in the most creative ways and manages to get her audience motivated and participate in discussions and role playing. The results are amazing…even among the most senior reluctant managers in the group. She is a great coach with an approachable personality that results in extremely successful outcomes. – Conference and marketing manager, international association for professional services firms


 I have had the pleasure of participating in conferences at which she was the featured speaker, and she really excels in a group training environment. Her personality is fantastic and her enthusiasm is contagious. She is truly passionate about what she does and I certainly would recommend her as an outstanding consultant to anyone considering working with her (marketing director at a regional professional services firm)


For a complete list of our curriculums and to learn more about our workshops click here