Personal Marketing Plans

Would you believe that in just a few hours, you could have a comprehensive, long-term customized marketing plan perfectly tailored to highlight your strengths and keep you in your comfort zone?

In addition, at the end of this exercise you would have:

  • A 12-month Customized Perfect Marketing Plan Made Just for You
  • Your Elevator Speech
  • Your Mission Statement
  • Identified Differentiators (to outshine your competition)
  • Defined Core Competencies
  • Defined, Specific Target Audience
  • List of Core Values

The TIERNEY Approach to the Perfect Marketing Plan™
 is a unique blend of coaching and marketing consulting that empowers professionals to achieve their goals.  A marketing plan focuses on a desired outcome; coaching focuses on the process.  When you receive these services in tandem, you maintain a clear focus on both the larger picture (the desired end result) and can concentrate on specific tasks (addressing motivators and barriers) that will keep you moving forward so you can meet your objectives.

The Marketing Plan – Focused on the OUTCOME

Coaching– Focused on the PROCESS

This unique offering is the result of professionals’ obvious disdain whenever I approached them with a new marketing idea or initiative.  Rather than take it personally, I wondered, “WHY do they HATE marketing so much?”  I finally realized it was a combination of things, including:

  • Lack of Motivation (“Why should I do any marketing?”)
  • No Ownership of the Commitment/Activity (What will they ask me do?)
  • Perceived Barriers (“I can’t…”  “I really don’t want to…”  “I’m not good at…”)
  • Misperceptions about what Marketing Is (“I’m not going to cold-call anyone!”)
  • Long-held Perceptions about Yourself (“I never…”  “I don’t think…”   “I shouldn’t…”)
  • Permission to Succeed (“I just can’t see myself ….”  “I’m afraid of…”)

 We use a simple, straightforward process that shows professionals effective ways they can comfortably market themselves in order to showcase their expertise.

A customized marketing plan is presented and clear, specific goals are identified. Action steps are defined.  Each marketing plan is carefully crafted to emphasize your strengths and talents (the individual or team).  Considerations are taken to showcase your skill set in a way that suits your comfort zone.  Realistic and attainable marketing objectives will ensure your success.

The coaching element is critical for busy professionals like you who are constantly distracted by running your business, performing necessary tasks, and well, just living your life.  Coaching will allow you to stay focused on the critical steps you need to take to make a permanent shift toward improvement or change.  It may also empower others in your workplace and life to embrace these necessary changes.

The process pinpoints motivating factors that inspire professionals to achieve specific business goals in a way that offers them the freedom to be themselves, make genuine connections and establish authentic relationships. Based on three sets of analytical, introspective and thought-provoking questions, the participant is asked to ponder:



“Where Are You Now?”

 “How Did You Get Here?” and

“Where Do You Want To Go?”

The end result is a customized, comprehensive, marketing plan that has been perfectly tailored for that individual – by that individual.  The TIERNEY Approach to the Perfect Marketing Plan™ works for individuals and teams. Any good marketing plan includes an assortment of marketing activities (such as networking, authorship, presentations, social media, etc.) based on the skill set, talents and desires of the team members.  The TIERNEY approach addresses all of these components in a way that supports and empowers the participants. All efforts are tracked and measured for success.

Professionals today realize that there is a need to adapt to a new way of doing business. It can be an exciting and invigorating time for professionals who choose to embrace which of these new opportunities can work for them. It’s really about allocating the time to figure it out.