Marketing 101

TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting, Inc. is happy to share a short list of our most popular marketing training programs – which we can tailor to fit your needs.

Roadmap to Creating a Marketing Culture A
t Your Firm – 

A marketing culture is more than knowledge about a firm’s products and services or how a firm compares to its competitors. It’s more than brochures, a great website and killer proposals.  Culture is defined as a set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterize an organization. Thus, a firm with a marketing culture believes in and consistently practices marketing techniques that ultimately reflect the organization itself.


A regurgitated resume or bulleted list of services you can provide is not interesting to your prospective clients or referral sources.   Most of the professional biographies that we read all sound like they could belong to any other service provider out there – including your competitors!  Learn how to use your bio to attract the kinds of clients you really want.  We will help you to embrace your genuine strengths and demonstrate your value to your target audience.

How to Craft an Engaging Value Proposition / Elevator Speech – 

What you do, for whom you do it and the benefits derived thereof.

It can be a lot trickier that you think.  Being aware of who you are with (i.e. who’s on your elevator anyhow?  More importantly, why did you get on that elevator?) will be explored.  One professional can use few value propositions and we help you to figure out what’s your differentiator (what attributes make you stand our from your competition).

Networking 101 – 

This presentation is for associates, who are busy obtaining credentials and becoming proficient (learning the ropes, etc.) in their chosen service area. Who knew there was an art to networking?  Who knew it could be so FUN?


Stop the Fire Drills!  Improving the Proposal Process at Your Firm –

Every professional services firm produces proposals regularly, but the process can be inconsistent and challenging, often resulting in scrambling to make deadlines and/or delivering a weak bid package.  Join us for this interactive discussion to discuss critical and sometimes forgotten aspects of the proposal process. Gain tips to streamline your process before, during and after that proposal is signed, sealed and delivered to the prospective client.

A Guide to Successful Marketing Event Planning: A Step-by Step Pre & Post Event Timeline – 

Every firm regularly participates in speaking engagements, conferences, “meet & greets” with referral sources, etc.  But most of the participants report a lot of effort and time for little or no results – in terms of new business opportunities.  Let us talk you through the most important steps around securing a successful marketing event – one that attracts your ideal clients to you. The secrets lie in what goes on before and after the event occurs.

The Accounting Marketer’s Guide to Becoming Truly Indispensable at Your Firm

What if you could provide your professionals with hot topics / current industry trends for them to use in conversation with a prospective client they are about to meet with?

 How would you be perceived if you delivered a concise, well-researched TOP TEN PROSPECT LIST to your partners?

Would your partners value recommendations for EVENTS they should attend, ORGANIZATIONS to join, or reasonable deadlines to submit articles to appropriate PUBLICATIONS to reach their target audience?

This presentation will provide you with real tools and techniques, many of which are free, easy and readily available for you to use when researching and prospecting on behalf of your accountants.