Premier Management Program

The TIERNEY Coaches have developed the Premier Management Program to fully prepare CPA professionals for Management and Leadership Roles

Our exclusive Premier Management Program is a concise six-week, highly effective learning program that leverages the power of coaching and teaches your CPAs to immediately apply these techniques to fast-forward employee development and improve staff performance at all levels in your firm.

Delivered virtually, this interactive, fully participatory program will assist all levels of managerial staff to support the shareholders of their firms and contribute to the longevity and success of their practice. The program is offered to small groups (6-8 participants at a time from common groups/teams).  Some of the key features of this program include:

  • Pre- and post-workshop assessments (to demonstrate the value of the content learned and effectiveness of the program)
  • 110-minute webinar that can qualify for two (2) CPE credits
  • Polling questions and interactive exercises / breakout sessions that deliver key elements and learning objectives
  • Two individual (30-minute) coaching calls for each participant with a certified TIERNEY Coach to help participants with their self-identified personal agendas for growth and development
  • Facilitation of small groups / teams (a TIERNEY Coach may co-present with a firm liaison to support on-going growth and development internally – i.e. human resources professional, firm administrator, staff trainer, etc.)
  • A Library of Proprietary Resources for participating firms – exclusively cultivated for CPA professionals – a special offer from the TIERNEY Coaches

WHO Should Attend this Program?

This program is for your new professionals, newly named managers who may be struggling, your chosen rising stars, as well as your more seasoned  managers and leaders – who can ALL learn how to be more effective and comfortable in their management and leadership roles!

Overview of the Curriculum / WEBINAR AGENDA

  • Review Vital Leadership Skills to Manage Others Effectively
  • Engage by Asking the Right Questions
  • Listening Skills – Connect through Active Listening
  • Enable Employee Development using the GROW Model
  • Applying Coaching Techniques when Giving Feedback


We have priced the Premier Management Program so that there will be little doubt when considering which of your employees may attend. We consider this our signature program and built this program based on the needs of our CPA Clients firms. Our mission remains: to help corporate america – one CPA professional at a time….!

The cost to enroll one professional in this program is $800 per individual for a six-week cycle (this is based on each participant’s cooperation in attending the webinar and participating in two, individual follow-up coaching calls scheduled to take place within 6 weeks after program kick-off; in the event of a missed coaching call, the fee will still be charged).

Contact Us Today to arrange your staff training: or (215) 588-0335

TIERNEY Coaches are Your Experienced Facilitators

The Premier Management Program has been created and will be facilitated by a professional certified TIERNEY Coach.  TIERNEY coaches & aacilitators are certified life / executive / leadership coaches with vast experience and success working with professional service providers:

Georganne Ford, PCC – Georganne has over twenty years of experience in leadership development, sales and operations management. She helps leaders at CPA firms build better teams to improve performance, increase revenue and improve engagement among individual team members. She has been coaching professional services providers for a long time and understands the unique nature of CPAs and attorneys, as well as they cycles of their business and the challenges around shareholder groups.  Her innovative, instinctive style of coaching produces fabulous results!

Tara Perman, ACC – Tara has over twenty years of experience working in leadership development for professional services firms including a Big 4 accounting firm. She focused on helping CPA firms empower staff to develop and integrate critical leadership skills and well-being into their daily habits through coaching-focused leadership programs. As a coach, she helps CPA professionals own their values and use them as a guide for how they show up and make decisions at work and consider them as they navigate work relationships. Tara enjoys doing vision work with clients to claim what they want for themselves and then build a practical plan for achieving the goal. She strives to create a collaborative and supportive environment that always puts the client at the center of the work.

Amie Garcia, MA, CPCC, PCC – Amie is a master of coaching, consulting, mentoring and facilitation. Her experience runs the gamut (HR, operations & finance) as she moved from educator to entrepreneur – creating, growing then selling a multi-million-dollar business – all before becoming a certified professional coach. Known as the clarity-builder, Amie’s work with CPA professionals demonstrates her expertise in thoughtfully weighing options and developing programs, processes and solutions that elevate results. A certified yoga instructor and practitioner for thirty years, Amie honors the mind, body and spirit connection. Amie is an experienced leadership and team trainer and offers CPA professionals a clearer understanding of how to develop and empower their staff by applying coaching techniques.