Leadership Development

Individual One-on-One Coaching to develop the natural leader in you – Leadership cannot be taught nor trained – everyone has their own innate leadership style and your coach will help you to gain the confidence you need to assert yourself appropriately – at work and in your personal life – you will learn how to ask Power Questions, find your voice and speak your truth in a way that gets others aligned toward a well-formed outcome.

Women Empowerment at Work – for female professional services providers

Command the respect of your superiors and colleagues from a consistent place of genuine integrity. Assertion that attracts your ideal situation without alienating or intimidating others; in fact, engaging those around you. Craft power statements and ask power questions that motivate others and create an immediate impetus for change. Please visit www.WomenEmpowermentAtWork.com for more information.

If you seek to understand how to capitalize on your strengths, develop new ones, and create a career strategy that works – then read this book! Lisa provides a road map so clear and precise, that virtually anyone at any stage in their career can benefit from her advice. -P. Green

Embracing the Art of Feminine Leadership

TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting, Inc. is offering a tailored program for CPA female professionals (who currently make up over 50% of the accounting profession in the U.S). This virtual workshop series consists of 50-minute sessions that can be offered quarterly or bi-monthly to the female accounting professionals at your firm. Sessions can qualify for CPE credits and address the following key topics:

Establishing Alignment through Clarity – applying mindfulness to clear the clutter and fine-tine focus

Radical Acceptance of your Leadership Style – understand and accept your authentic personal style

Achieving Self Leadership – strategies to reduce stress, self-manage and reach full potential

Energy & Time Management – uncover the real secrets of time management and prioritize with power

Navigating Change – learn the stages of change and how to navigate an ever-changing environment

Resiliency – harness the tools of this most common attribute of highly successful professionals

TIERNEY C&C remains dedicated to the accounting profession. We are committed to the ever-rising female population of CPA firm leaders in the US today and are committed to helping them address the current issues they face. The challenges presented in this program is a result of the many hours of our TIERNEY Coaches working with so many rising leaders in the accounting space today – we are honored to support and assist our CPAs to step into their newfound power and leadership – with ease, grace and flow…!

Facilitated by TIERNEY Coach, Wendy Burroughs (see her profile on the Find a Coach page)

Fees for this program are $200 per person per session, with a minimum of 10 attendees. To arrange your customizable program with a certified professional TIERNEY Coach – please contact Lisa Tierney, CLSC at (215) 588-0335 or via e-mail at lisa@cpamarketingconsultant.com