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TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting, Inc. is a virtual company. Our consultants / life coaches live and work all over the world. We are a powerful team of experienced professionals with multi-layered skill sets to serve your needs.

Lisa Tierney, CLSC

Lisa began her career over twenty five years ago as a Marketing Director at a regional, then national CPA firm, excelling at her ability to create an impetus for change around marketing and business development efforts. Over time, Lisa learned how to craft effective programs and successful initiatives that transformed the way the firm’s professionals perceived themselves and their approach to serving clients. As part of that process, Lisa began to understand the obstacles that stood in the way of their success and resolved to share her winning formula with the accounting profession. She became a certified life strategies coach in 2009 and launched TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting, Inc. TIERNEY C&C has enjoyed much success by providing high-level individual coaching to shareholders and up-and-coming leaders at CPA firms across the country. Lisa says, “Coaching is THE most effective change agent for firms who want to define and control the way they will grow and thrive in today’s ever-changing environment.”

Georganne Ford, PCC

Georganne has over twenty years of experience in sales management, leadership development, and operations management.  She helps leaders build better teams for increased revenue and increased engagement among individual team members. She has been coaching professional services providers for a long time and understands the unique nature of CPAs and attorneys, as well as they cycles of their business and the challenges around shareholder groups.  Her innovative, instinctive style of coaching produces fabulous results!

Dena Lefkowitz, ACC

Dena brings unique insights, intuition, perceptions and guidance to accounting professionals because she can offer pertinent life experience along with effective coaching.  Dana has served as a professional services provider herself, having worked as an attorney for more than 20 years.  As such, she understands the complex climate of a multi-partner professional services firm. She works with her clients to set goals, design actions, measure outcomes and facilitate accountability.  She is both funny and insightful and has a wide and diverse skill set and understanding of the human condition.  She is an associate certified coach through the International Coach Federation.

Tara Perman, ACC

Tara has over 20 years of experience working in leadership development for professional services firms including a Big 4 accounting firm. She focused on helping companies empower staff to develop and integrate critical leadership skills and well-being into their daily habits through coaching-focused leadership programs. After enjoying that work for years she recognized a calling to do that work on a more personalized level by working individually, one-on-one with her CPA clients. As a coach, she helps CPA professionals own their values and use them as a guide for how they show up and make decisions at work and consider them as they navigate work relationships. Tara enjoys doing vision work with clients to claim what they want for themselves and then build a practical plan for achieving the goal. She strives to create a collaborative and supportive environment that always puts the client at the center of the work. She is intuitive, kind, and often witty!

Amie Garcia, MA, CPCC, PCC

Amie is a master of coaching, consulting, mentoring and facilitation. Her experience runs the gamut (HR, Operations & Finance) as she moved from educator to entrepreneur – creating, growing then selling a multi-million-dollar business – all before becoming a certified professional coach. Known as the clarity-builder, Amie’s work with CPA professionals demonstrates her expertise in thoughtfully weighing options and developing programs, processes and solutions that elevate results. A certified yoga instructor and practitioner for 30 years, Amie honors the mind, body and spirit connection.

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Individual coaching sessions are conducted via telephone as we have discovered that, since your journey is a powerful one and requires deep introspection, it’s more effective when we remain just a little voice in your ear.  Of course, we will come to your location to host a training, facilitate a retreat and would love to meet your entire team – and take you to dinner once in awhile!