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TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting, Inc. is a virtual company. Our consultants / life coaches live and work all over the world. We are a powerful team of experienced professionals with multi-layered skill sets to serve your needs.

Lisa Tierney, CLSC

Lisa Tierney became a certified life strategies coach the same year as she launched TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting, Inc. (2009).  “I was rather terrified of starting my own business.  It was in the middle of the recession and I was raised to value being employed by company, working hard to get promotions and save money in a 401(k).   That year I challenged everything and it was coaching training that gave me the courage and focus that I needed to bring to all together.  Becoming a life coach was enormously empowering for me and I knew that it would be the value add that my company could offer our accounting clients.”  Coaching has proven to be the key and it’s what makes our firm stand out from our competition.

Specifically, I work as a change agent by using a process that is called brain hemispheric integration.  “You see, every interaction is experienced by both sides of the brain but, most likely, one side’s stores of that information is more dominant than the other.  When we can re-experience that event from the other side of the brain, this offers us a congruent perspective – one that embraces both sides of our brain.  In this way, we understand motivation behind behavior, resolve conflict, see ourselves differently, and are able to remove the obstacles that keep us from CHANGE:  start doing something differently, stop a pattern of behavior that doesn’t serve us or implement new strategies around behavior around us,” explains Lisa.

Georganne Ford, PCC

Georganne has over twenty years of experience in sales management, leadership development, and operations management.  She helps leaders build better teams for increased revenue and increased engagement among individual team members. “As a leader myself, I know the importance of investing the time to continuously grow ourselves professionally and personally,” she says.

She has been coaching professional services providers for a long time and understands the unique nature of CPAs and attorneys, as well as they cycles of their business and the challenges around shareholder groups.  Her innovative, instinctive style of coaching produces fabulous results!

Jim Persing, JD, CPCC, PCC

Jim is an attorney and a professional certified coach with over twenty years of experience assisting accounting and legal professionals (at both large regional firms and solo practitioners).  He is dedicated to helping those he works with to reach their professional potential and personal satisfaction.  His personal experience as a professional services provider, while an attorney, gives him a personal understanding of what our accountant clients experience each and every day.

As a coach, Jim assists his clients in pragmatic and powerful ways. One of Jim’s strongest focus areas is helping accountants achieve their goals, either through a re-dedication to their existing work or in a transition to a new focus area within their current practice.  Jim facilitates rejuvenated focus and revenue generation for his accountant clients. He also has experience in wellness and health coaching, and has helped professionals reach their full mental and physical potential.  As a trusted and dedicated ally, you can always count on Jim’s full attention and support as he assist you to fine-tune or re-think the way you can contribute to the growth of your firm.

“My greatest satisfaction comes from helping accounting professionals introduce change that genuinely benefits them and the colleagues around them and alters an outdated or unreliable process,” Jim says.

Dena Lefkowitz, ACC

Dena brings unique insights, intuition, perceptions and guidance to accounting professionals because she can offer pertinent life experience along with effective coaching.  Dana has served as a professional services provider herself, having worked as an attorney for more than 20 years.  As such, she understands the complex climate of a multi-partner professional services firm.  Dena’s accomplishments cover a range of specific skills that promote marketing and business development initiatives for our CPA firms – including strategic planning, niche-focused marketing, problem solving, developing resources, creating alliances, fostering team work, increasing productivity, managing substantial workloads, meeting deadlines and ensuring accountability.

She works with her clients to set goals, design actions, measure outcomes and facilitate accountability.  She is both funny and insightful and has a wide and diverse skill set and understanding of the human condition.  She is an associate certified coach through the International Coach Federation.

Dena says,  “I believe that an important component of coaching is working with the whole client (the physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual components) and, while some behaviors and beliefs may be challenged, the client’s essential nature will be nurtured and encouraged.”

Gina Wilder, PCC

Gina offers career, sales and executive coaching services to assist professionals who desire real changes in their life & career. “According to neuroscience we can’t change an old behavior; however, we can create a new one. What we focus on, we strengthen: Focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want.” During coaching sessions with Gina, you will discover your inner purpose & passion which will bring about extraordinary results. She can also help enhance your personal brand to elevate your reputation and credibility – creating a powerful personal identity that can quickly get you to where you wish to be in your career.

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Individual coaching sessions are conducted via telephone as we have discovered that, since your journey is a powerful one and requires deep introspection, it’s more effective when we remain just a little voice in your ear.  Of course, we will come to your location to host a training, facilitate a retreat – or let you take us to dinner once in awhile!