Coaching is the key to making a permanent shift toward improvement or change.  It may also empower others in your workplace to embrace these necessary changes.

TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting, Inc. offers a team of high caliber coaches who are well-experienced in working with CPAs and attorneys.  Our program is an integration of skills, states of excellence, and step-by-step cognitive strategies that lead to both measurable and reproducible results.

Dreaming-business man11148098-relaxed-and-dreaming-business-man-sits-on-office-chairBUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Coaching addresses motivation around effective implementation of marketing strategies.  Sustained focus on four key components (clients, prospects, referral sources, and organizations) around demonstrating your value to a target audience takes less time/effort and delivers more impact.

SUCCESSION / TRANSITION Coaching ensures a graceful exit for retiring partners by shifting the focus from moving away from something to moving toward something else.  Diminishing fears around loss and uncertainty enables those who are transitioning to discover how and why letting go can foster the empowerment of others and define a legacy.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Coaching ensures that those who want to emerge can do so in a way that will harness their natural abilities as a leader while they learn – and then integrate – specific attributes that will assist them to influence others in a positive way.  Leadership develops around each unique individual in an innovative way.



We offer effective approaches that introduce new perspectives …

Hemispheric Integration™                            Psych-K®
Neuro-Linguistics                                         Guided Visualizations
Belief Affirmations                                        Life Balance Self-Analysis
Personality Profiling

Creating BIG shifts in thinking which can result in …

Accountability without Reprimand                  Clarity of Language & Thought
Third-Party Objectivity                                   Permission to Succeed
Empowerment                                                Improved Professional Experience
Effective Relationship Management               Improved Productivity
Improved Morale


Coaching accountants and attorneys is what we do…each and every day.”

Lisa Tierney, CLSC
Founder, TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting, Inc.