Business Development

Nearly half of the professional services providers we surveyed in 2013 said the most significant change in the profession over the last five years was an increased emphasis on business development.

The professional services providers we coach individually become fluent in the language of business development – and its application – over time.  The first step is having them learn the attributes of successful business developers.  Then we try to adopt these attributes, sometimes by first acknowledging these traits in other (non-professional) parts of our life.  During this process, we are also sharing how these attributes are perceived from the perspective of the buyer. It’s this understanding of how the sales process is experienced from another perspective that generates the most “aha!” moments during coaching sessions.

Cultivating the Finer Points

Assertive –  if not at work, where ARE you assertive?BusDev-confident.team20731406_s
Sociability – with what kind of person are you the most comfortable
One-on-one relationships are always possible
Your network  – what kind of group attracts you?
Ego – when / how can it serve the matter at hand?
Confidence – where/how are you the most confident?
Resilience – when last achieved and how
Risk-Taker – when, why did you take it / “What If”
Drive – Motivation  (what’s yours?)
Active Listener – homework (practice makes perfect)
Empathetic – homework (practice makes perfect)



Examples of Other Insight

All relationships will strengthen over time

5-6 “touches” are required before things progress to the next level

Endorsements from others (knowing of you from more than just one person) helps skip a few of these “touches”

In prospect meetings, the more time spent/invested by the prospect, the better – thus, it’s better they do all the talking  (active listening)

Asking for things actually can help solidify a relationship

It’s good to ask questions – about them, their business and their personal interests – including hobbies and families


We also make it a point of ensuring that those we coach in the area of business development are tracking all they do.  This is how we see what works, what doesn’t and why.  One-on-One business development coaching is the most effective way to transform your partners into the best sales people they can be.  Aren’t they worth the investment?  Aren’t you?