About Us

Lisa Tierney
Lisa Tierney, CLSC

TIERNEY Coaches recognize the strong connection between mind, body and spirit and it is our privilege to work with you.

I founded TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting, Inc. after years of working with professional services providers, while being employed as a marketing director at a regional, then national firm.  I realized that the obstacles that kept them from achieving success could be overcome through EMPOWERMENT – specifically, by marketing themselves in a completely unique and genuine way that made them feel comfortable. I realized that encouraging them to be themselves and surrounding them with their ideal  target audience would naturally result in their participation of activities that they enjoyed.  In this way, professionals became empowered and opened up to their greatest success.  Along the way, they found fulfillment in their careers as never before! I suspected that offering a unique approach to working with these professionals – side by side – in order to co-create their personal marketing plans and then coach them through the implementation of their plans would be successful… but I could have in no way predicted the extent to which the process has propelled so many professionals into a whole new world of discovery, contentment – and lots of new business generated from their ideal clients.  I am honored to be able to share this process, which I have cultivated over the years, with you.

Our coaches’ proven track record is a result of successful partnerships with professionals who want to achieve success by harnessing their strengths and focusing their efforts.  We offer a broad base of experience that includes:

  • empowerment of professionals so they can achieve results
  • bottom-line accountability and follow-through
  • pertinent thought leadership
  • emphasis on business development
  • market segmentation and client analysis
  • determining effective strategy & market positioning
  • developing individual marketing plans
  • initiating company-wide incentive programs
  • addressing organizational sensitivity
  • coaching retiring partners toward a graceful exit
  • developing leadership skills among up and coming professionals


I am very proud of our top-notch, high-caliber team of certified coaches, each of whom have direct experience in working with professional service providers and, in many cases, have been a professional service provider themselves.

As part of our dedication and commitment to professional services, we remain involved in many service-focused organizations.  I am an active member and regulator contributor at the International Coach Federation and the CPA Leadership Institute.  I have served as national Chair of the Membership Satisfaction Committee for the Association for Accounting Marketing and also served for many years as President of the local chapter of AAM.  I was formerly the Chairperson of BKR International’s Marketing Committee, a network of over 135 member CPA firms with more than 300 offices in over 70 countries around the world.  In 2008, I was honored by the Association for Accounting Marketing with an award for Best Non-Print Advertising Campaign.  I enjoy writing and have been frequently published in a variety of accounting-focused publications such as Accounting Today, The Journal of Accountancy, The Legal Intelligencer, JD Supra, Marketrends, the CPA Management Journal and numerous state professional services publications. I also have appeared as a keynote speaker or workshop facilitator for the following organizations:  International Coach Federation, The Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants Women’s Conference, the Association of Accounting Administrators, the Association of Accounting Marketing, and regularly work with a number of international associations for professional services firms.

The Tierney coaches, together, represent an active network for professional services firms of over three dozen associations, locally, regionally and nationally, that support and serve professional services.  The Tierney coaches each have something special to offer our accountant and attorney clients:

  • We have each been employed by a professional services provider
  • We have each been successful in growing our own consulting and coaching careers
  • We each have an accreditation from a highly reputable educational institution and we are all certified professional coaches
  • Each of us remain committed to continuing education in that offers you the most current, state of the art tools and techniques that the coaching profession has to offer