What’s the difference between goals & intentions at my CPA Firm?

I recently facilitated an intention setting workshop and it got me thinking. What’s the difference between goals & intentions in a business setting?

Imagine your big goal is to grow your firm’s business and increase profits by the end of the year. This is your target, the ultimate result you want to achieve.

Now, think about what you can do each day to move closer to that goal. Your intention could be something like, “I intend to dedicate focused time to marketing and client engagement today.” It’s a specific action that, when repeated, contributes to achieving your bigger goal.

Here’s how intentions can help:

Intentions make goals easier:
Instead of just stressing about the big goal, you break it down. For today, your intention is clear – focus on marketing and customer engagement. It’s a smaller, manageable step toward the larger goal.

Intentions are gentle:
If the goal is just about making profits, it might feel overwhelming. But with intentions, you’re choosing a softer approach. You’re saying, “Today, I’ll do what I can to connect with my clients and prospects,” which feels more doable and less stressful.

Intentions keep you in the present:
While the goal is about future profits, the intention grounds you in today’s actions. By focusing on daily tasks, like engaging with clients, you reduce the stress associated with meeting a far-off target.

Intentions come from inside:
Your goal might be influenced by external factors like industry expectations. But your intention – dedicating focused time to client connection and engagement – comes from your understanding of what’s genuinely important for your practice.

Intentions match each day:
Some days in business are unpredictable. With intentions, you adapt. For example, if one day is hectic, your intention might shift to handling client inquiries promptly. It’s about staying aligned with your goal but being flexible based on daily needs.

So, in this way, intentions act as daily guides, making your big business goal more achievable and less overwhelming.

What are some gentle ways or practices that you use to support setting daily, weekly or longer-term intentions?

written by TIERNEY Coach, Amie Garcia

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