Finding Grace in the Calm of the Storm

At the beginning of the pandemic, I couldn’t stop posting on LinkedIn. The articles were pouring out of me. I made videos and conducted a swarm of webinars and it felt so right. But then I got quiet and had to dive deep inside ME to find the calm in order to navigate the situation. As a life coach for professional service providers, it became clear, after about 6 weeks, that this “storm” wasn’t going away anytime soon … and I saw my friends, colleagues and clients all struggling with the effects of long-term uncertainty. And a tremendous amount of FEAR, too. And this can be draining. Scary. Sad. Detrimental.

This morning when LinkedIn asked me “What’s on your mind?”  I decided to share of myself from a different place – not giving of advice, not something inspirational but a REAL SHARING from ME … because that’s the best part about social media, right? Not the selling, not a collection of “likes” … it’s the potential of receiving meaningful information and IDEAS that might help or assist you in getting what you want out of life or boost your career.

In order to jumpstart my own efforts with dealing with the current situation, I decided to enroll in a course training in hopes that I would obtain a level of renewal for myself – and for everyone around me who could benefit from this shift in energy. And I’m happy to report that it’s working.

We are all energy and we reflect and absorb this energy off each other in deep ways that most of us are not aware of – or at least are ignoring. And there’s so much energy right here – just around us and inside us – that we can grab and hold onto, and feed, in order to elevate our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, actions and the perception of our entire life experience. I have been discussing energy a lot on my coaching calls. And I wanted to encourage you to consider the energy today – because it’s vital to your well-being and overall success. Trust me.

When I first started my work as a coach over ten years ago, many of my conversations were about marketing and business development. That was my foundation as a professional and I believed that it would provide the most impact and benefit for the professional service providers that I worked with (CPAs and attorneys). When I became brave enough to start talking about energy – a whole new field of my work was revealed. The feedback from my clients changed as we all discovered just how effective the energy work was and how much it impacted and improved their professional and personal experiences. We spoke about things like obtaining an alternative perspective, breathing and finding the calm in the chaos, envisioning one’s higher self, the art of manifestation and most of all, giving yourself permission to succeed on your own terms.

This is the real work to be done. Now more than ever.

Some of us will learn through joy; most of us will learn through crisis. As my current training reminded me there are two motivators in this world of duality – pain and pleasure. Despite the fear that comes from a global pandemic, protests against police and governments around the world, isolation from friends and family and the uncertainly of the financial security of your family and business, there is still a CALM to be found. Right here in this moment. And again in this moment. One breath at a time.

Danger is real but fear is a choice. And I mourn every precious moment that is lost to worrying about the future or regretting something from the past. Please don’t forget this beautiful moment. I’m recommitted to spending many more moments with a smile on my face in quiet reverie. And wish for you the same.

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