Tips for CPAs who are trying to get through tax season in a new crazy world …

I have so much to say on so many things these days – sometimes I feel I may burst! But I will just give snippets of the things on my mind for your consideration now and again …

Remote Access – If you do not have the ability to have your employees work remotely – fix that situation ASAP. Buy a laptop; learn how to forward the telephone calls; write a remote access policy (I can help you – its not that hard and I can help you avoid common pitfalls – create an atmosphere of accountability NOW that will forever serve your people and their mission.

Counsel and advise your clients how to evolve in a virtual world – educating them on how to get and use scanning hardware, cameras for teleconferences and install meeting software will be very beneficial (nonprofits and seniors are going to be your most challenging targets) but it is a necessary investment in their future and your working relationship with them (and yes, they will pay you for this!)

Electronic Payments – Figure out how to pay your vendors – and accept payments from your clients – remotely / digitally. Adopt using software to make deposits into your bank account – and advise your clients on this as well (again – they will pay you to help them set this up)

Record / Share Videos that can be shown repeatedly to train / explain on the above – use hyperlinks of other videos to help them in your e-mail communications.

Embrace Technology – Use Google documents, Slack, Zoom, Outlook 365, etc. – and start on this as soon as you can.

Cybersecurity – Finally, if you can offer cybersecurity services, please do so.

You will need to step it up as a True Advisor – offering more than just tax, audit and accounting.

Try to stay abreast of all the daily changes regarding tax laws and allowances so you can communicate regularly to your clients (via broadcast e-mail or LinkedIn, etc.) to explain how you can help them with their woes. Small businesses will struggle to come back from this for sure – it could be a detrimental impact for up to two years, most agree – and if you take the time NOW to stand out from the crowd and offer them the help they need to get through this – you will wind up building a very strong and loyal practice for many years to come.

My coaching covers the emotions around it all – stress, trust, delegation, technology and FEAR. Please reach out to me for a complimentary coaching session if you feel you might beenfit (which I’m sure you will!) I’m here to help…  

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