A Women’s Initiative at a Large Firm THAT WORKS – Here’s Why

Yesterday I had the sincere pleasure of attending a Women’s Tea at the Lotte Palace Hotel in New York City. This is the signature annual event of the Women’s Forum of the international law firm of Sedgwick, LLP.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the event for the usually obvious reasons – a fabulous venue in a terrific location with a great list of invitees (a perfect mix of clients and attorney service providers who really seemed to get along well, I might add, at least at my table). I met some very cool women, several of whom I connected with quite well, actually. I enjoyed listening to your finely-selected speaker, too, because she was so genuine and dynamic (Michelle Coleman Mayes, lawyer, author and current Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary at The New York Public Library). Truthfully, I expected nothing less from this law firm, which boasts over 300 attorneys in over 14 offices all over the country (and Bermuda).

But, what I was most impressed with was the way in which the female attorneys interacted with EACH OTHER. I was pleasantly surprised by the warmth I observed among them. It seemed clear to me that there is honest and real support and advocacy among these women. It started at the top, from the demeanor of Maria “KiKi” Katina Karos, senior partner at the firm and Chair of the Woman’s Forum, trickled down to new partner, Katelin O’Rourke Gorman who was charged with orchestrating this fanciful event, whose warmth and generosity permeated the entire venue and touched each and every attendee. It is empowering to see such respect being shared.

Sedgwick’s Women’s Forum has had a positive effect on the growing number of their women partners, women leaders, and the attorneys who cite the Women’s Forum as their reason for choosing to work at Sedgwick.

I Say Way to Go Ladies!

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