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Why are so many women disillusioned and disengaged at work?

I just received an e-mail from a professional that I coach who reported spending two miserable days at a client location. I was told about the “oppressive atmosphere of hatred that was palpable”. My client felt depressed at the end of those two days – still trying to shake it off.

As a life coach for female professional service providers, I can assure you that I hear the same complaints each and every day from my female clients (and males, too) who feel beaten down by their supervisors and counterparts. As a professional woman, having worked in a corporate environment for nearly 20 years, I relate to their feelings of inadequacy and lack of control. Truth is, this is not just a woman’s problem. Disenchantment among corporate America (and the rest of the world) has become very common among many individuals who feel caught up in a “rat race” and feel there is no way out.

My book on the topic, Women Empowerment at Work: Create Your Own Success will be available on Amazon and in Barnes & Noble, later this month.

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