Marketing TECHNOLOGY – agh, troubling sometimes… eh?

It has been way too long since I posted on this site BUT it’s because I downloaded some plug-ins updates and then whenever I was trying to access my dash board, I was getting a fatal error message.  I tried everything!  Including getting scammed by an online “company” called Wizpert – who is actually so clever that they have hosted sites that say they are checking on other spammer sites – and saying that their company is legit – which it most certainly is NOT.  The owner is based out of NY state and has callers / “programmers” working for him in India.  They ask for money up front then don’t deliver.  I have fixed all that – and reported him, too but in the meantime, the problem persisted.  In the end, I got the right tech support person through my web-hosting company 1 and 1 who finally fixed it.  I was on hold for quite awhile but did nothing (actually got the dishes done) while someone on their end figured it out.

So, I’m back in the business of blogging!

Word to the wise / Lessons learned:  Don’t update anything unless absolutely necessary.  Updates can be tricky…. also, keep trying the most obvious choices for help – if the first person doesn’t come through, call back and try someone else….stay tuned for more posts.

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