The CPA Leadership Institute says that average tenure of an accounting marketing professional is 19 months!

Why is this and what can these people do (short of silly unattainable feats like bringing in tons of business) to stay many years instead of a handful of months?

I replied to this question (I’m on their panel) but the link had expired – so I had to share my answer here:

Marketing directors should figure out what HAS worked before and duplicate the process. Most likely, the accountants will not be sure (or aware at all) of how they got the business they currently have. So, the first thing the in-house marketing professional should do is to conduct a down and dirty “audit” of the clientele that the firm serves (“A” and “B” clients at a minimum) to determine fees, services, source of origin, potential for value-added services and years of service. Then put it all together, figure it out, and spew it back to the partners. An open honest discussion should ensure about how to duplicate what works – get everyone to call a few referral sources – write them a script – ask for something specific. Follow up for them. Rinse, Repeat. Figure out some niches – expand the efforts. That’s how it’s done!

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