What is your biggest marketing challenge?

Today I responded to a question on the International Coach Federation’s LinkedIn group that asked, “What is your biggest marketing challenge?

Steffi Black, a life career coach offered, “Taking the time to implement my marketing plan as I often spend time reacting to emails and projects instead of taking the time to do the bigger picture goals of building my life/career coaching business via workshops, speaking engagements, etc.  Marceo Biscola, CEO of Artnet, said, “…make people understand the message that we are undergoing a major transformation and evolution in human behavior.”  Renee Olsen offered, “I have just realised that I need to do a strategic plan for selling my services to companies. Before, I mainly worked with private clients who contacted me. Now I need to be more active and outgoing and also have a clear picture of my target group. Who do I want to work with? Which type of companies and clients fit me best? A lot of questions are spinning in my head right now.”

I thanked them for this wonderful discussion – this is right up my alley of course.  Coaches, like CPAs, are professional service providers – and understanding how to effectively  market “services” is really the key here – that, to know WHAT to do, and then STAY FOCUSED ON DOING IT!  These are the two goals.

As a marketing consultant who became a life coach I told them I can help.  Like CPAs, there are so many wonderful, talented gifted coaches out there that no one knows about! Not everyone “gets” what it takes to marketing professional services; of course, it’s all about relationships BUT there are four key areas to focus on (it was mentioned in this thread as the “critical few” and I will tell you what they are:

  1. Current Clients – to ask Am I meeting and AWARE of all of your needs? (also to ask for more introductions to potential clients and to gather testimonials)
  2. Prospects – a short dream list of the ideal client to research, target and ask….
  3. Referrals Sources – other folks that touch these ideal clients all the time – other vendors, consultants, etc. – show them that dream prospect list …
  4. Target Organizations – finally, one group that houses the decision-makers at your ideal client can offer a multitude of opportunities to spread your value proposition – you can speak, network, write articles – whatever it is you like to do!

This is my life’s work – co-creating marketing plans for professional service providers that focus on these key areas – and then coaching them through it (of course) – coaching is the key!

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