Welcome to new and improved CPA Marketing Consultant BLOG (and website)

Well….as I didn’t have ENOUGH going on without deciding that I should redesign the TIERNEY C&C website (thank you very much to my dear friend, Victor Moruzzi, who convinced me I could during a rainy at the Jersey shore this summer).  I took on the challenge when he ventured I could design and update website for my firm in 10-15 hours. Well, I HATE tracking my time (this is why I am always telling my CPA clients to forget the billable hour – too much time wasted tracking time) but I will tell you that I was published in less than one week of starting this endeavor (pretty close to 7 days but not quite).

I am very proud of myself!  I want to thank the generous creators and contributors of WordPress and the wonderful pioneers who share their knowledge (albeit some better than others) on YouTube.

Please do consider signing up for my BLOG for CPAs and I will do my best to keep you educated, enlightened – and entertained!


 – Lisa Tierney, Owner/Founder of TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting, Inc.

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