What is a Mission Statement and Why do I need one personally?

A mission statement for a firm or a company is an explanation of the core values of the organization.  Examples of what might be included are “outstanding client service” or “dedication to the continuing education of our professional staff”…

I believe it a valuable exercise to calculate a personal mission statement as this is a means of understanding what motivates you and what your priorities are.  A good mission statement I think reflects the personal as well as the professional.  For, as I have found, when they are in agreement, life is grand.  How are your personal core values reflected in your work?  Another way to think about this having a personal ‘tag line”.

My personal mission statement is:  Using Personal Influence towards Positive Change.

TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting’s mission is to provide inspiration that motivates change. (This also serves as the company’s tag line).

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