The Power of Personal Branding

If you focus in a specific area, such as SALT or high net worth individuals, how do you find your ideal client? When it comes to following through on your marketing plan-where is your time best spent?
If you think of yourself as a brand being marketed to your ideal target client, following through on your marketing plan will be a fun and painless process.
First, ask yourself “Where does my ideal client go for the kind of information that I can provide?” If they are reading blogs, then blog, if they are attending monthly networking events – physically go to those meetings each month.
Second, while we at TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting will always encourage you to step outside your comfort zone, it’s important to do what you enjoy and what comes naturally to you. It was Dame Edith Sitwell that said, “If one is a Greyhound, why try to look like a Pekingese?” If you hate speaking, most likely you will not be an effective presenter; if you like to write, then go for it. People are good at what they enjoy so have a good time marketing!
There is an incredible amount of freedom in being your own brand, with the ability to change and evolve as your interests and the interests and needs of your clients change. Just imagine if Apple had not evolved!

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