The Importance of a Great Value Proposition

One of my clients recently introduced himself at a networking event.  It was one of those events where everyone was going around introducing themselves, staring down at their shoes    most before him stated their name, the firm/company and how many offices they had – nothing very earth-shattering.  When it was my clients turn, he smiled and made eye contact, moving his gaze to those around him – explaining what he did, for whom he did it, and the value he delivered.
The next guy said something like, “Well, that’s a hard act to follow!” My client explained that he had been working with a business development coach and he had worked to figure out his value proposition and had been instructed to rehearse it until it flowed naturally from his lips – with a smile.  (Truth is, I used to call him out of the blue and demand “What’s your value proposition?”  He initially laughed – then he stammered…trying to remember it.  Finally, he had enough so he crafted it perfectly to suit him – wrote it down on a post-it, and kept it all over his office.
Now he introduces himself with more confidence than ever before.
Do you know your value proposition?

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