Are your Core Values Reflected in Your Behavior & Actions?

As I have been putting together presentations, articles and talking points for roundtable discussions, I am reminded about how important it is to have a genuine connection between what you stand for intrinsically as far as your mission statement and how that is reflected to the outside world.  When there is a disconnect between the two, the disharmony is often spread wide and deep – almost palpable. 
Crafting a personal mission statement is a great exercise for everyone to try – I recommend it for many of my clients.  Usually a personal mission statement that is written from a personal perspective should also be carried over and apply to your professional personal mission statement  as well.
Corporate America, take note!  Your company or firm should also have a mission statement – or a short list of core values and IT TOO should be reflected by the policies, compensation structure, and in peer recognition throughout the organization.
Ask one of your professional staff – at any level in the organization – to state even part of the company’s mission statement or list one of the firm’s core values – and see what they say.
What is a mission statement you ask?  Stay tuned…we’ll cover that in the next post.

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