Should YOU be prepared for a Crisis at your firm?

Yes you should!
This important topic recently came up in conversation – and, of course, I’ve been there, done that.  I always say:  Keep it Simple Stupid – in other words, “kiss” it:
Step 1: The Crisis Team.
A good approach is to have someone from each part of the firm – to include management, operations, marketing, HR, Tax, Audit, Consulting etc. Get a contact sheet for the team.
Step 2: The Voice of the Firm should be unified – Identify your Spokesperson(s)
You know who they are – your speakers.  Also remember you need someone for off and online.

Step 3: Processes and protocols.
This is a customized process based on who does what and how people communicate.  Role playing and “what if” scenarios can be helpful – things to consider are a fire or explosion on the premises;  someone being arrested or suspected of fraud or…. etc.

Step 4:
Brainstorm Possible Scenarios & Responses
Crisis communication today is very different and needs to incorporate monitoring of online information. And be prepared to diffuse or correct mis-information.

It’s good to be prepared and after a meeting of 1-2 hours, this can all be achieved and everyone should feel a little better.

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