"I Don’t Have a Problem With That"

Why do so many professional service providers use these “double negatives” (not the right term – I know) to say soemthing that might be, in fact, positive.  Can’t we flip it?  We sure can!  And if we do, we will see that our audience will respond very differently to us – indeed!

Instead of not having a problem with something – why not say something more positive – like “I will look into that.”  (That’s something I would consider certainly.)  (Thanks – that’s a good idea!) – watch out, that last one was almost optimistic!

I wouldn’t NOT go that event because…
I wouldn’t totally discount that possibility…
I hear it all day long.
Challenge for the Day – take a “careful” or possibly deemed negative statement – and turn it into something more decisive – and positive!
I dare ya!  (I won’t negate the possibility that you can’t do it!)

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