Out of Body Experience ? Become Your Target Audience

One of the most important things to consider in marketing is how our target audience can benefit from our knowledge or expertise.
An example is when my colleague (TIERNEY Coach, Cheryl) relayed to a client of ours that the “person” who was inundating our LinkedIn group with posts was, in fact, a “Google bot” that didn’t really exist – and then explained to us how we could “block and delete” the posts from our group.  We said, “Wow!” and her reply was something like, “Oh, you didn’t know that?”  As she shared this story with more and more people (like I am with you) we are able to demonstrate our knowledge and expertise.  She figures this is a no-brainer;  while others are impressed.  Reminds me of the simple adage:  “It’s easy when you know.”
So what DO YOU KNOW (or take for granted, maybe) that your target audience could benefit from? 
How could YOU explain something to them in more detail – or better – than others are (i.e. not sending  a link to the article or tax law as it’s been published – but rather a lay man’s language as it pertains to them).

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