Asking for Referrals – a Hint to marketing professionals and consultants

It always amazes me how resistant accountants and lawyers are to asking their most loyal clients for referrals!  I ask them to reverse the scenario – what if the client asked YOU to make an appropriate introduction on their behalf….how would you feel about such a request?  No biggie after all, right?  Of course, asking them to make this shift requires a dialogue – a bit of a role play – but it’s worth it to initiate this vital change in the perception of the professional service providers we serve!
Recently, I was able to convince a seasoned partner to do just that – for the first time she started asking for new business -and WOW!  She was able to track more new business in that three month than all of last year – no kidding!  Asking referrals is the EASY BUTTON – so press it!

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