The Importance of Client Responsiveness

Today’s post is about professional service providers who do not respond. Is there anything worse I ask you? A manager offers himself to perform performance evaluations on younger staff – he asks a partner about it two weeks later…more time passes. No one even says thanks for offering – and nothing is done. A marketing director outlines a plan for growth after working for weeks on it. She offers to present to the shareholders but is told to write it up and leave it….it sits there two months until the marketing director quits. Today after ONE YEAR of listening to the excuses of my own attorney I quit her! Only then do I get a barrage of e-mails and phone calls. Too little too late. Enough is enough! Professional services providers: It’s time to communicate with your people – your staff, your clients and your colleagues. Check in – not to make an excuse or to derail or to point a finger – but to do something to move whatever it is forward….. In this day and age, if you are not responsive – not available – I mean responsiveness – listening, addressing the issues expressed with clear follow-up, well-formed outcomes and clearly defined expectations…you will not compete effectively in the marketplace.

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