Giving creates deep connection

Yes, this is the title of my post today. “What does that have to do with professional services marketing?” you may ask. Perhaps it can be explained using as an analogy of a young man who buys a red sports car and spends every weekend for over a year fixing it up. He buys parts for it, waxes it, drives it around proudly, buys extra insurance on it – doesn’t really let anybody else drive it. He falls in love with that car. He is invested in that car….because of all that he GIVES to that car. Giving creates deep connection. Keep that in mind when you are working with prospects. Make sure you are giving regularly to your clients. How about your professional staff: Are you truly invested in them? Do they know you are? Your services are YOU and your expertise; it’s innately about giving of yourself. How can it not be? And I believe, the more you give, the more you get. That’s why I take every call I get from other marketing professionals who are struggling with helping their firms to grow. Because I know that giving creates deep connection. And connections are how we grow our firms (including marketing consulting and coaching firms!) L

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