Have you Ever Heard of The Four Agreements?

I find myself discussing this book with more and more of my clients. The Four Agreements is a mystical, spiritual book written by Toltec Indian, Don Miguel Ruiz, who hopes that readers will question the unnecessary agreements that they make in their domesticated lives. The book is touted as a practical guide to personal freedom. The four agreements are as follows:

Always Speak your Impeccable Truth
Don’t Take Anything Personally
Never Assume
Always Do Your Best

Impeccable means without sin – so, no self-depreciation or gossip – no lies. Taking things personally addresses the inadequacies that we feel from how we perceive other’s actions and behavior. To not assume means to dismiss the fear of asking more questions because it won’t be assumed that you are dumb if you do. Finally, your best will waiver depending on how much sleep you get or as years pass. Do your best and be okay with today’s “best” – this way, your less apt to take it personally….they really all feed into each other beautifully, don’t they?

Integrating just one of these agreements can make a huge difference in your life. I ask my clients to pick one agreement they’d like to work on. I believe that, if corporate America could implement the Four Agreements in the workplace, the nation’s productivity would increase by at least 30%.

There are workshops that utilize the concept of the Four Agreements. TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting can help facilitate such a workshop if there is interest. Let me know!

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