Motivating the Middle – discussion recently among members of the Association of Accounting Marketing

I recently read a post on the AAM LinkedIn group that inspired me. It noted how the group in between the “rainmakers” and the “bee-keppers” (my terms, not the author’s) needs some attention in CPA firms. I couldn’t agree more!

This group of “second-tier leaders” as I call them must be empowered as a means of ensuring the long-term success of the firm. It is unfair to allow this group of professionals to continue to rise through the ranks at their accounting firms, with no real knowledge or training when it comes to leadership, marketing skills, even having a real understanding of the workings of the firm. I’ve seen it time and time again – the 39 year old partner all of a sudden is charged with so much more than he ever realized would be expected of him – and he is unprepared.

Empowering this level of staff to ensure buy-in to growing the business (including education on how this can be achieved) as well as encouragement to allow them to start getting involved is how CPA firms will grow in the next decade, and beyond.

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