Training on Effective Use of LinkedIn for ALL staff of professional services firms

Many CPAs and marketing directors out there confide in me how they still don’t “really get” LinkedIn. You can’t value what you don’t understand and the best way to demonstrate the value of this medium is to show examples and share success stories – as they relate to the accounting industry. The first step is to write your profile to attract your ideal client. Profiles should engage, have photos and tell readers more about the professional than simply a list of services they can provide and what schools they attended. Personality needs to show through. Joining appropriate groups (the ones where your ideal client is) comes next, monitoring the discussions, cultivating thought leadership, researching hot prospects and how to make meaningful one-on-one introductions that deliver your value proposition should all be taught in your training program. This is an educational process so training should happen over a course of time – say, 6 – 8 weeks. Some will catch on sooner than others and those success stories should be shared regularly, which will boost morale, incite some friendly competition and teaches others how it should work!

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