What are the true opportunities of social media for CPA firms today?

Social media has opened a big fat door in the world of professional services marketing.  I only wish more would walk through! My clients have achieved between 10% and 25% return on investment on their personal social media campaigns.  The trick is to know:
·         your target audience (your ideal client)
·         how to find them, and
·         what they need from you
Many professionals today no longer see value in turning off their computers and cell phones in order to drive to a networking event, a seminar or even a client meeting – when they can stay connected, in front of their computer – and reach 200% more people in the same amount of time – while saving money and supporting a clean environment (gas).  Social media plays a significant role in assisting professional service providers in targeting their messages appropriately to those who can specifically hire them – or introduce them to someone who can.
Sadly, I still work with many CPAs who are still either confused about the value this provides – as well as hesitant to make the shift toward using the vehicle of say, LinkedIn, as opposed to broadcast e-mail. These firms would rather spend money to purchase e-mail lists when the same folks have given them permission to contact them for FREE on the very subject matter they will discuss on LinkedIn groups.
I saw the same hesitance when e-mail came into the American work environment (yes, I’m old!) and I have heard that telephones were also discouraged in the workplace – back in the day (I’m not that old!). 
Someday, our Outlook address books will be replaced with an Internet-based world-wide CRM of sorts and we will all be connected.  The prediction of six degrees of separation will be proven – and improved upon.  We will probably over time be connected by more like 3-4 connections with each other around the world.

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