Tooting Your Own Horn Without Coming off like a Braggart

I was recently contacted by a reporter for SELF magazine who was looking for tips to give those who struggle with wanting to toot their own horn.   I work with professional services providers who run the full – gamut from terribly shy and introverted to outgoing and quite egotistical, so I had some insight to share. 
The key to crafting compelling (written or verbal) communication that will promote your abilities and allow you to shine is in the authenticity of the message.  You want to make sure that you show your expertise but without appearing like a braggart.  In a nutshell:
·         Always speak the truth – the whole truth and nothing but the truth (don’t embellish).
·         Focus on the value you showed or provided to whoever received the benefit.  In  other words, not what YOU did but the positive effect it had on the recipient (i.e. individual, family, organization, etc.).
·         Use numbers, %, or $ whenever possible to prove, factual accomplishments.
I always think this gets easier as we get older.  After 40 years old, it’s almost expected that you have SOMEthing to brag about!
Happy Bragging!

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