Newly Released (2011) Report on the Benefits of social media marketing

The third annual social media marketing report was just issued by the Social Media Examiner.  One of the more interesting statistics is the analysis of the BENEFITS reported by marketing professionals as a result of using social media.  They are:
  • 88% of marketing professionals said that social media is responsible for generating more exposure of their business
  • 72% noted increased traffic / subscribers
  • 62% touted improved search rankings
  • 56% said their use of social media resulted in generating QUALIFYING LEADS
  • 49% marketers said it reduced their overall marketing expenses (hear hear!) and
  • 43% of the over 3,000 B2B marketing professionals surveyed said they had improved sales over the past year because of their participation in social media
I just got off the phone with the Managing Partner of a professional services firm who told me he uses a canned newsletter as a branding tool.  I asked him about its effectiveness.  He admitted to me that he has no time to review the reports – to track the effectiveness of his monthly general newsletter.
That led our discussion to FREE social media…but, again, he says no one has time.  He’s looking to hire yet another Business Development person.  I told him Good Luck and call me when he’s ready for assistance to empower his professionals – the firm’s sales force is right under his eyes.  He laughed and said “Yup!” We’ll talk again I have a feeling.”
I wish more professional services were ready to empower their professionals to get a gameplan in place to help them attract their ideal clients.


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