What are best practices for improving accountability at the partner level in firms?

Let’s talk turkey about this topic of accountability – and say what we really should about accountability – and being held accountable.

To whom are we to be held accountable? And for what?

The successful individual has only to be accountable to himself. No one can really hold someone else accountable unless he will exercise full power on the subject of the fine points that detail what is to be measured and institute appropriate consequences that reflect the outcome.

So the real question becomes: How do you instill the desire to succeed?

Everyone has their personal definition of success. Individually, this desired outcome needs to be fine-tuned to compliment the game plan of the CPA firm. It takes some finesse, but if your partners are of the caliber that the industry standards mandate, there should be something in there to find. Regular intervals/meetings with that brass ring as the focal point should do it. Getting what you want is EASY – once you know what it is, exactly.

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