Understanding Your Partners’ Character and Competence

I can’t tell you how much the Association for Accounting Marketing (“AAM”) meets to me. AAM refers to the many hundreds (nearing a thousand actually) of people who work in some capacity at a CPA firm in the United States who are charged with its marketing initiatives. Because the marketing professionals do something different from the majority of the professionals that make up their workplace, it is imperative that they have a resource, a team of their own to provide support, feedback, opinions, success stories and of course a shoulder to cry on once in awhile.

This month the Philadelphia chapter meets at the office of Marcum, LLP in Bala Cynwyd, PA, with breakfast & networking beginning at 8:30 am. Our presenter is August Aquilla, who will discuss the elements that go into a high trust organization and how you can help your firm develop a culture of trust and profitability.

Entitled Understanding Your Partners’ Character and Competence this is one event you won’t want to miss. Hope to see all my marketing friends there!


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