Accounting and Law Firm Marketers – working together

Last night I attended a wonderful event at the local (Philadelphia Chapter) of the Legal Marketing Association (“LMA”).  As the current president of the Philly chapter of the Association for Accounting Marketing (“AAM”), I was very impressed at the caliber of the event. Shrimp, assorted cheeses and other fabulous munchies at DiBruno’s in Center City – and an open bar – nice!  At AAM, your lucky if there’s cream cheese for your bagel.  (We have to work on that!)
To my point … as I’ve said before, marketers (like HR and IT folks) go to work every day and naturally are segregated from the workforce of the company of their employ.  95% of the people there are attorneys or accountants – no one else there is like the marketer – and there is often a sense of isolation.
Organizations like AAM and the LMA provide a valuable resource of information and support for marketing professionals.  Not only are the issues THE SAME for both industries but there is obvious POTENTIAL for new business in the way of referrals.  These groups should be holding joint events to facilitate introductions.
And such was my conversation with the current president of the LMA, Andrea Malone and the president-elect,  Joe Goldshear last night before collecting some shrimp to take home (thanks for that, Andrea)!

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