Feedback from my speaking engagement to Elected Officials in Bucks County

The BCATO (Bucks County Association of Township Officials) was a surprisingly welcoming organization of local township officials – as well as some of the firms who pitch them for services, namely engineering firms – who greeted me with warmth and appreciation as I acted as their keynote speaker at their annual conference yesterday. My presentation was about effective marketing and communication strategies for municipalities and the officials who serve them.

Another speaker was from the state association of elected officials and he pointed out how many services we get from our townships that we take for granted: trash collection, snow plowing (it really is not Penn Dot doing all the work), etc. Most residents complain about all that’s wrong – they only enter the township when they’ve been arrested or if there’s a problem. Hopefully, TIERNEY will have some opportunities to offer some ideas for sharing the word and inciting more people to become INVOLVED and ENGAGED.

Send your councilman (or woman) a nice e-mail or shake their hand and say thanks at the next local parade would ya?

Of course when it came to blogging most were short of GROANING LOUDLY.

I have a lot to say about this but will save it for my next post. Stay tuned…

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