Social Media and CPA firms….

CPA Trendlines reported today that: “A new study by the Association for Accounting Marketing finds that approximately 60% of the firms surveyed are participating in social media and 43% have written social media policies to guide employees and govern its use.

LinkedIn emerged as the leading application used by accounting professionals with 76% of firms using LinkedIn and of those not using LinkedIn, 60% have a plan to establish an account…”

43% of those that are using social media have a social media policy? Ya THINK? Cause I’m sorry but I talk to a LOT of CPA firms each week and I KNOW they are blocking Facebook, and most of them do not have a social media policy – and many have folks using LinkedIn and they are not tracking, observing – or utilizing it – let alone working on a policy!!!

It’s safety net to have one – I can do a social media policy for $250. You should have one…Just in case it gets ugly – check out SocialMention dot com and search not your firm name but some people’s names….then cawwwwl me…


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