Marketing’s Role in Obtaining A New Client

These thoughts are being generated by a recent flooding of questions and discussion about the PROCESS by which proposals are generated and the WAY in which the firm’s team leaders should be working together in order to ensure that the best foot is forward when communicating to prospective clients. Come on people! This really is not rocket science and yet I am appalled at the many times I consistently hear about partners grabbing just anyone available as they race out the door to meet with a prospective client. I guess we should be grateful when they remember to grab a GENERAL marketing brochure that speaks to how GREAT their firm is…I see that I am going to have write a full-blown article on this one – just to let off a little steam! In a nutshell:

• Internally communicate the opportunity to professional staff

• Identify and leverage existing relationships

• Set up a time with prospect to “interview” in order to identify things like hot buttons, pressing issues, why they are looking to change service providers, the decision-making process and the decision-makers, etc. (remember active listening!)

• Research, research, research (industry trend reports, short list of references, experience with this type of client)

• Which brings us to the all-important selection of the proposed engagement team (foster rapport)

• Role-play / rehearsal of prospect meeting – complete with agenda and established roles

• Follow-Up

• Word-smithing a document to present – if you have pressed to do so (and if so, too bad)

Okay – I guess I now have my outline for my article – stay tuned! And have a great weekend


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