Be True To Yourself (Whoever That Is)

TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting has a core set of truths on which we base our success, and the success of our clients. And one of the most important is, know thy self. If you don’t understand who you are, and what motivates you, you will not be able to realize for yourself the seemingly magical and elusive results you see others enjoying. You have to know how to position yourself so that your daily efforts seems less like effort, and more effortless. Personally, at the end of the day, I want to know that a) I have made a measurable positive improvement in my clients’ ability to do their jobs more effectively, and b) I have done this through mutually positive energy exchanges and connections along the way.

I also find it empowering to be able to choose the firms with whom I enter into contract. If I feel your behavior or attitude is a violation of my personal code of ethics, I would rather just wait for the client that’s a better fit. By now I hope it’s becoming clear that I attribute my own success to honest, open and energizing exchanges that leave an impression of overall capability, accountability and flexibility. Of course I want to profit! But sometimes giving something away is a better way to do business. It may not be as immediately profitable. In the long haul, however, I do believe we attract what we are in our own minds. And I want to attract the kind of wealth that allows a firm, and those who captain it, adequate resources to be generous, and strength enough to be kind. To be true to yourself. Happy Holidays to ALL from TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting! – Lisa

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