Does Search Engine Optimization Really Work? Or is this just BEGINNER’S LUCK?!?

My last post was about the fact that, in order to “walk the walk” about social media, I would give up all control over updating my website in order to prove that the search engine optimization (SEO) of a website works – well, I am very glad to say that within 1 WEEK I received my first lead from a CPA who wants to grow a specific niche area – so marketing and coaching services was what he was requesting. Then, additionally, I was just contacted by a CPA firm representative who wants information on search engine optimization / social media strategy for its firm. I believe I am starting to WALK THE WALK indeed!

If it can work for TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting – it can work for your professional services firm! I will keep you posted on all this – hey perhaps it’s just beginner’s luck?!

Lisa Tierney
Marketing Consultant and Professional Coach

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