Blah Blah BLOG!

So I’m walking the walk now. TIERNEY’s social media expert talked me into it. How can I effectively communicate the value of an optimized website if I don’t have one myself?! How can I explain why it’s so important that you have a blog on your homepage when I myself don’t have one? I was SO PROUD of myself when I launched my website – which I designed myself I admit quite proudly, and I had CONTROL and could update it whenever I liked….now I have to go through Jerry Frear for every little thing. It’s a good thing I like Jerry. He also handles me very well. I am aware that he is “handling” me and in fact, I appreciate him more for that. So Jerry told me to post a blog and this is it. I believe this is GOOD but can’t wait to prove it to myself and my clients once and for all.

OK – somebody hire me now? …. HELLO!????!?!?!

Lisa Tierney
TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting

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