Marketing TECHNOLOGY – agh, troubling sometimes… eh?

It has been way too long since I posted on this site BUT it’s because I downloaded some plug-ins updates and then whenever I was trying to access my dash board, I was getting a fatal error message.  I tried everything!  Including getting scammed by an online “company” called Wizpert – who is actually so […]


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The Future Role of the CPA Consultant: Industry Expert

In today’s marketplace, you will find yourself sitting across from a more sophisticated buyer than ever before. Company presidents and CFOs can discern whether you are an expert in their industry, and they have more access to a larger circle of potential service providers. Hear what select members of CPAConnect, a national association of independent […]

Key Questions to Ask during a “Client Check-In”

Now it’s time to take the knowledge learned (all those great ideas) and bring it to the client.  Think about this:  Have you given the same amount of time and attention to this existing client (as you did back when you were first proposing your services to them)?  Lisa Tierney warns, “CPAs should never get […]

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Client Retention Strategies

In an increasingly competitive environment, CPA firms are hard pressed to focus on strategies around client retention.  Some international associations of CPA firms recognize the value in fostering an environment among member firms to share best practices as a means of delivering outstanding value.    One such organization, CPAmerica International, boasts a particularly top-notch group of […]