Key Questions to Ask during a “Client Check-In”

Now it’s time to take the knowledge learned (all those great ideas) and bring it to the client.  Think about this:  Have you given the same amount of time and attention to this existing client (as you did back when you were first proposing your services to them)?  Lisa Tierney warns, “CPAs should never get […]

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Client Retention Strategies

In an increasingly competitive environment, CPA firms are hard pressed to focus on strategies around client retention.  Some international associations of CPA firms recognize the value in fostering an environment among member firms to share best practices as a means of delivering outstanding value.    One such organization, CPAmerica International, boasts a particularly top-notch group of […]

Accounting Profession Needs More Women Leader

The gender scale of the workforce that makes up the accounting profession has officially tipped in favor of women; more than half of all accountants are women (53%).  What has not yet tipped in women’s favor are the statistics around women holding leadership positions. Despite an ever-increasing number of women in the global workplace, women […]

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Managing and Motivating Accounting Professionals

Human resources managers at CPA firms with around 50 employees share what works and what doesn’t. If you are reading this article, you probably fit into one of two categories:  the proverbial “Haves” and the “Have-Nots”.  In other words, you either have a mentoring program (and that program might be working well or leaves something […]